What Does a Guy in a Wheelchair Have to Do With Real Estate Investing?

What Does a Guy in a Wheelchair Have to Do With Real Estate Investing? Everything if that guy is Rick Hoyt, being pushed by his father, Dick Hoyt! Together, the pair is also known as “Team Hoyt”.

The video below demonstrates the power of motivation, inspiration, attitude, love, belief, and positive mental focus in the face of extreme adversity.

You see, Rick was born literally with the odds stacked against him, since his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. His parents were told by the hospital not to take even take their baby home… but to turn him over to a medical institution, because he would never walk or talk due to cerebal palsy.

What obstacles have you had to deal with in your life lately… and in your real estate investing career? What excuses have you allowed to hold you back lately?

Well whatever you’ve had to face lately, we can all be inspired by this fascinating and powerful story of a father’s love for his son… oh, yeah, and remember… this guy (the father) is doing all this stuff at 66 years old at the time of this video

If this is the kind of thing that motivates, inspires, and interests you, then make sure you come out to the next meeting of the Columbus Property Investors Association (CPIA), so you can meet and network with like-minded people!

Have a blessed day and remember to count your blessings!

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Todd Smith