Uncle Sam is Willing to Fund Your Real Estate Deals! … CPIA, Tuesday, 3/15 6pm – 9pm

Sean Carpenter - Government Deal Funding

The Government Has Set Aside BILLIONS of Funds for Real Estate Investors and Developers Like You. Did You Get YOUR Check Yet?

I have some exciting news!

One of the nation’s leading experts on getting cash for your real estate deals from the government will be coming to speak to us at the next CPIA Meeting on Tuesday, March 15th !

That’s right, Sean Carpenter will be coming all the way from Massachusetts to share how we can take part in the government’s billion-dollar-grab-bag of real estate deal funding!

Sean has over 20 years of experience in working with government agencies to acquire funds, place tenants, and “flip” tax credits. In this special seminar, Sean will be sharing how he gets these funds… and how you can get them, too!

Specifically Sean will be sharing:

1. How he uses government funds in his deals
2. If and how he uses government funding in conjunction with conventional financing
3. What the HUD programs are and how they work
4. What the requirements are for the various programs
5. The differences between “hard” and “soft” government financing programs
6. What tax credit programs are available and how to use them
7. How the Stimulus bills have been helping investors
8. How the new foreclosure bill is affecting investors
9. What’s involved in getting funds for your deals
10. … and YOUR top questions!

Of course, as usual, we will have the ever-popular Buy-Sell-Trade session where I will be analyzing real-life deals that can be bought or sold right now!

Come and join us for an exciting evening of fun, deal analysis, money making education, and networking!

See you at the meeting!

Todd Smith, President