Twenty Seven (27) Costly Mistakes Investors Make When Flipping Houses Wholesale !!!

Twenty Seven (27) Costly Mistakes Investors Make When Flipping Houses Wholesale !!!

WHAT? … Columbus Property Investors Association (CPIA) Meeting

WHEN? … Tuesday, 10/15/2013

WHERE? … One Easton Oval, Columbus OH 43219

NOTE … Admission is Only $10 at the Door !!!

NOTE … Pizza and Beverages while supplies last, so come early !!!

NOTE … Seating is Limited, Some Meetings are Standing Room Only,
So come early to get seated !!!

Have you ever heard the saying that “Experience is the best teacher?” Well, I’m hear to tell you that… in some cases, at least… that saying is simply a lie from the pit of hell !!

Experience may be the “most thorough” teacher, but it is not NECESSARILY the “best” teacher… especially when it comes to making money-sucking mistakes !!

Wouldn’t you rather learn what the mistakes are from “other” people… instead of making them yourself ???

Couldn’t you save yourself hours, weeks, months, and even years of frustration… if someone pointed the mistakes out to you… even WHILE you were committing them?

Wouldn’t you like to avoid a lot of the traps, pitfalls, and land mines that are out there and MAKE MONEY FASTER and LIVE YOUR DREAMS SOONER… rather than later ??

Well, at the next CPIA meeting, I’m going to be discussing …

27 Costly Mistakes that Wholesalers Make When Trying to Flip Houses

Of course, as usual, we will have the ever-popular Buy-Sell-Trade Session where I will be analyzing real-life deals that can be bought or sold right now!

Come and join us for an exciting evening of fun, deal analysis, money making education, and networking!

See you at the meeting!

Todd Smith, President
Cell: (614) 774-8146

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