Affordable Housing Demand at an All Time High

By: Sean Carpenter Foreclosures, Foreclosures, Foreclosures. That is a very popular term these days and yet folks are queasy about the investment real estate market. Where do homeowners go when they lose their house? Market rate housing or subsidized housing? Traditionally, people do not have anything upon foreclosure and market rents are staying high in […]

Your Team is Your Deal

By: Sean Carpenter You have found your perfect deal. Now you are looking for a government grant or program to help you out. This all requires a great team. Who is on your side? My most common response to many who ask the question is that make sure you have a lawyer and accountant who […]

Why “Buy And Hold” Isn’t What it Used to Be

By: Sean Carpenter Are you finding deals are getting tougher to close with the new restrictions banks are pushing on applicants? Is it taking longer to get a deal done? Have you stopped looking for new projects to acquire? The last few years have been a very difficult period in real estate history. Some markets […]

Uncle Sam is Willing to Fund Your Real Estate Deals! … CPIA, Tuesday, 3/15 6pm – 9pm

The Government Has Set Aside BILLIONS of Funds for Real Estate Investors and Developers Like You. Did You Get YOUR Check Yet? I have some exciting news! One of the nation’s leading experts on getting cash for your real estate deals from the government will be coming to speak to us at the next CPIA […]