Can I Wholesale in a Small Town?

by Vena Jones-Cox Question: I live in a small city (population 100,000ish) and a number of agents I’ve talked to say that wholesaling won’t work here. Specifically, they tell me that the market is so strong that properties just don’t sell for pennies on the dollar, and that there are just a few investors in […]

How Successful Can I Be in Real Estate Investing?

How Successful Can I Be in Real Estate Investing? Question: I’m just getting started in real estate. If I have about 10 hours a week to spend on my real estate business, but less than $1,000 in spare cash, how much money can I reasonably expect to make in my first year? -B.Q., Pittsburgh Answer: […]

5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Earlier about Real Estate Investing… (Part 3 of 5)

by Vena Jones-Cox 3. There’s no one best way to invest in real estate. Most new investors have a “guru”, a teacher to whom they look not only for advice, but for a world view that helps to direct and focus the newbie on a particular strategy. These gurus can take the form of a […]

How to Buy, Hold, & Flip Houses & Apartments!… CPIA, Tuesday, 11/16, 6pm – 9pm

On Tuesday, November 16, it gives me great pleasure to bring to you one of my personal mentors, and friends, H. Roger Neal. In 1979, Roger left his job making about $5/hr. working for the Columbus City Sewer Division… because he thought he might be able to make some money investing in real estate. Guess […]