Rehabbing Houses, Mobile Apps for Real Estate, Passive Income! โ€ฆ CPIA Meeting, Tues 5/15, 6 pm โ€“ 9 pm

Rehabbing Houses for Rental and Resale, and Mobile Apps for Real Estate

These are just some of the exciting things
in store for you at the next CPIA Meeting
on Tuesday, May 15, 6 pm – 9 pm…

1. “Ask and Grow Rich” Q & A Panel
Rehabbing Houses for Rental and Resale… Fun and Profit!

Last month’s Q & A Panel was such
a rousing succes, that we are doing
another one this month!

As you may already know, there is an
abundance of low priced, fixer-upper
houses out there.

This month we will be hearing from
investors, contractors, realtors,
lenders, insurance agents, and various
vendors involved with rehabbing houses.

Bring your questions, and answers, since
there will be tons of audience participation!

The whole purpose of this panel is to
share information with you to save you
thousands, and maximize your profits
on each deal !! Don’t miss this session !!

2. Mobile Apps with CPIA to Expand Your Business

Technology is changing the way we do business,
interact with customers, and make money.

Every month, there may be hundreds of people who
visit the CPIA website, but will never come to a meeting.

In this session, Greg Dietz will be explaining what
“Mobile Apps” are, and how you can use Mobile Apps
with CPIA to expand the exposure of your business…
to thousands of people who may never set foot in a
CPIA meeting!

3. Bonus Session: The Easiest Passive Income I’ve Ever Made!

You wouldn’t be interested in some additional
cash flow… or multiple streams of income… would you?

What about passive, residual income that continues
to INCREASE… even while you’re relaxing on the beach?

Well, in this brief 5-15 minute session, I’ll recap the
phenomenal results of me and my team in creating passive
income over the last 30 days… and why you can, and should,
at least consider doing the same thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

The best part about it is that… in addition to providing people
with high quality, affordable housing… I am also now helping
to improve people’s health and wellness… and putting MORE
people in a position to make extra, passive income… faster,
than ever before! ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Buy-Sell-Trade

Of course, as usual, we will have the
ever-popular Buy-Sell-Trade Session,
where I will be analyzing real-life deals
that can be bought or sold right now!

Come and Join Us!

Come and join us for an exciting evening of fun,
deal analysis, money making education, and

See you at the meeting!

Todd Smith, President
Columbus Property Investors Association (CPIA)