How to Create the Life You Want! … CPIA, Tuesday, 4/19 6pm – 9pm Sent Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to Create the Life You Want!.. CPIA, Tuesday, 4/19 6pm – 9pm Sent Thursday, April 14, 2011
Columbus Property Investors Association (CPIA) Meeting
Tuesday, 4/19/2011, 6 pm – 9 pm

Ramada Plaza Hotel, 4900 Sinclair Rd, Columbus OH 43229
Dirt Cheap Admission… only $10 at the door for non-memembers…

How to Create the Life You Want!

This coming Tuesday, April 19, I will personally be doing a special presentation entitled,

“How to Create the Life You Want!”

In this presentation, I’ll be sharing with you how to overcome the internal and external roadblocks that we ALL face… whether you are too discouraged to get started, or you’re already a filthy-rich tycoon.

You’ll find out that the only difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is… how they deal with setbacks, and the habits they implement in business and in life.

If you want to make some REAL changes in your financial, business, or personal life… then you definitely don’t want to miss this meeting!

Hint… you might even want to invite some non-real estate people that might benefit from some inspiration and motivation… or some friends, family members, or loved ones that YOU need to give you some emotional support in your business ventures 😉

Real-Estate-Related Vendors are always welcome to come out and introduce us to their products and services, by getting up in front of the room for 1-2 minutes, bringing flyers, business cards, and networking!

Of course, as usual, we will have the ever-popular Buy-Sell-Trade session where I will be analyzing real-life deals that can be bought or sold right now!

Come and join us for an exciting evening of fun, deal analysis, money making education, and networking!

See you at the meeting!

Todd Smith, President