How to Collect Back Rent

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Cynthia and Gary Schmidt have Successfully Collected $200,000 in Back Rent from Tenants that other Landlords would have just written off as a loss !!!

Now in this Step-By-Step System, they will show you how to do the exact same thing… how to Collect All the Money that is Due to You as a Landlord… in All 50 States!

That’s right, they will show you exactly how they’ve Obtained and Collected on 90 Satisfied Judgments, at an AVERAGE of $2,000 to $3,000 EACH !!!

Let’s face it, as Landlords the Courts are NOT in our favor… unless you know the Secrets to Unlock the Keys to The Vault! That is exactly what Cynthia and Gary give you in this course… the keys to the vault !!!

Your “Collect Back Rent” Course will include Step-By-Step Instruction on ALL of the following…

• How to Actually Get Some Tenants Arrested When They Don’t Pay !!!
• One (1) Specific Book Designed Specifically for Ohio Landlords !!! (Other States Becoming Available Also)
• Overview of Forms and Procedures for ALL 50 STATES (2 Books)
• Overview of Forms and Procedures for ALL 50 STATES (2 DVDs of Actual Workshop)
• Serving the Notices Correctly
• Forcible Entry and Detainer
• Using Eviction Process or Small Claims to obtain the Judgment
• Collecting on Judgments
• Debtors Examination (Citation To Discover Assets)
• Rule To Show Cause
• Bench Warrant (Writ of Attachment)
• Post-Judgments Proceedings
• Wage Garnishment (Deduction)
• Non-Wage Garnishment (Bank Attachment), Third-Party Citation (Bank Levy)
• Obtaining Satisfied Judgments

The Collect Back Rent Training Course will make sure landlords nationwide start getting all the back rent due them from ex-residents. Learn from these proven professionals how to get ALL the money due you, with their invaluable course for only $359… folks that’s just a FRACTION of 1 month’s rent !!!

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1. SPECIAL BONUS # 1 … 3-Months of Mentoring (Cynthia will guide you Step-By-Step via phone or email)
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3. SPECIAL BONUS # 3 … Landlord Move-In Kit Including the following 17 “Must Have” Items…

• Rental Application
• Ohio Residential Lease Agreement
• Move-In Checklist
• Lease Addendum for Criminal & Drug Free Housing
• Lead Based Paint Rider
• Form for “Optional Testing for Lead Based Paint”
• Landlord / Tenant “Rules and Regulations” Addendum
• Smoke Detector / Fire Extinguisher Forms
• 3-Day Notice
• 30-Day Notice to Remedy Conditions
• 30-Day Notice of Termination
• Helpful Tips and Suggestions Form for Landlords
• 15-Point “Vital Steps” Checklist
• Move-Out Charges List to Provide to Tenants Moving In
• Move-In Walk Through Checklist
• Rider to Apartment Lease
• Post Office Request for Change of Address

Everything Above Including ALL the SPECIAL BONUSES for Only $599 !!!

Boot Camp (Includes Course and Everything Above) … Just $899