Awaken Your Financial Genius with Rich Dad / Robert Kiyosaki CASHFLOW Game on Tuesday, 11-19-2013 !!

At the next CPIA Meeting, I will be teaching you how to Awaken Your Own Financial Genius with Robert Kiyosaki’s (Rich Dad’s) Cash Flow Game

If you’ve never played the game, then you know it’s kinda like Monopoly on Steroids… much more fun, you learn a lot more, and it doesn’t take NEARLY as long to play.

What’s really, really cool is playing the game with FULL TIME REAL ESTATE INVESTORS who actually play “the game” for a living in real life 😉

Every year at the CPIA December meeting, i.e. Christmas Party, we play the CashFlow Game, which was created by Robert Kiyosaki, the Bestselling Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “The CashFlow Quadrant”, and a bunch of other books… making him the best selling financial author on the planet.

This year, we’re doing something powerfully different… in preparation for December meeting… on Tuesday, 11/19… I will personally be breaking down the main principles of the game, and we will walk through some FUN game situation scenarios, guaranteed to enhance your learning !!

At this FUN, UNIQUE, and EXCITING meeting you will learn the following Rich Dad Principles…

  1. How to PROPERLY leave your job and live off of your investments
  2. How to Use Todd Smith’s Real Life NO MONEY DOWN techniques in the Cashflow Game
  3. How to use the Cashflow Game Principles in your REAL LIFE Investing
  4. The difference between the “Rat Race” and the “Fast Track”
  5. How to Get Out of the Rat Race and onto the Fast Track in Real Life
  6. The FUN way to PROPERLY fill out financial statements Every time you make an Investment… even if you flunked accounting in school, or never took an accounting course in your life !!
  7. The Cash Flow patterns of the Poor, Middle Class, and Rich… and which pattern you are following right now !!
  8. How to Analyze Small Deals
  9. How to Analyze Big Deals
  10. The difference between Assets and Liabilities, and how they affect your life right now
  11. What is a Doodad?
  12. How to generate enough PASSIVE INCOME from real estate to live the life you’ve always dreamed of
  13. How to go from Small Deals to Big Deals to Escape the Rat Race to the Fast Track
  14. How Market Conditions can Affect Your Investment Opportunities
  15. How to Give to Charity and Become a Philanthropist
  16. And Much, Much, More !!

So once you come out to the November Meeting… you will be a force to be reckoned with when we actually play an entire game at the December meeting !!

NOTE: I could use about 3 extra boards for BOTH the November Meeting and the December meeting… so if you have one… please bring it… we just might need it 😉

See You at the Meeting !!
Todd Smith